FLOWTECH 180GS Abrasive Blasting System, complete with 10M Blast Hose & #10 Silicon Nitride (Double Venturi) Long Life Blast Nozzle.


Unit fully crated for international shipping.


FT-180GS system features built-in wet or dry blasting as standard, with adjustble blasting pressure regulation from 15-100psi, washdown and blowdown features as standard, Fitted with our Flowtech abrasive saver valve for optimum blasting efficiency - only use abrasive when you require it! this fully automatic blasting system is our top of the line standard contractor, all-in-one hybrid system in our range.


Fitted with heavy-duty removable braked/swivel castors, for deck mounting if required.


Abrasive Capacity: 90Litres, (7x25kg bags)

Water Capacity: 250 (Litres)


Requires: 150-500cfm @ 100psi to operate.


Designed specifically for offshore applications, shipping and marine.



FT-180GS Vapor/Dry Abrasive Blasting System

SKU: 172-000-000