Choose the FT-1000GTO machine for large, heavy duty commercial blasting operations, in shipyards, oil rigs, anywhere with a large surface area to clean.


The FLOWTECH FT-1000GTO twin outlet bulk blast Abrasive Blasting System is the largest machine in our range. Units comes complete with 2 x 20M Blast Hoses aseemblies & 2 x *1/2" Double Venturi Blast Nozzle sets, with an abrasive capacity of 1000KG ! twin blast hose outlets, this unit is designed for shipyards and commercial blasting projects where high production blast cleaning is required for up to two workers at a time.


Unit fully crated for international shipping.


Unit features built-in wet or dry blasting as standard, with adjustble pressure regulation from 15-100psi, washdown and blowdown features as standard, Fitted with our Flowtech abrasive saver valve for optimum blasting efficiency, this fully automatic blasting system is the top of line portable system in our range. 


Optional 12 bar blasting systems/ATEX rated units are also available, please contact a member of our sales team for details.


*Please select desired nozzle size on checkout.




4 week lead-time applies.


Blast Nozzle Size