Built by the Best, Used by the Best.

Customer: APC Ltd (UK)


"The Flowtech system has increased our productivity by near 50%, the ability to top-up the pot at anytime is a real time saver, and saves us a fortune! We could have the pot working 24/7 without stopping if need be,

it's that reliable" Thanks again Jason"

Customer: Redwell Resources (Malaysia)


"The Flowtech system is a fresh, new and innovative solution to the abrasive blasting and coatings industry, we previously sold well known vapor blasting equipment but replaced our rental & sales fleet with Flowtech systems and have never looked back!"

Customer: CDE Global Ltd (UK)

MACHINE: FT-180B x 2 !

"The Flowtech system has increased our productivity greatly over previous pressure blast pots, without the need to wait to refill the pot, the Flowtech system increases production at twice our previous output with increased blasting speeds to top it off!"